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The New and Improved .Net Framework and ASP.NET vNext

By Joshua Bradley on 8/17/2015

Over here at the Engage Headquarters, we recently have been excitedly discussing ASP.NET vNext, or as it is now called, ASP.NET 5 and the changes that will follow. This is a fair warning before reading on, this article is from more of a technical perspective than anything else.

How to configure CRM to display a report on a dashboard in Dynamics CRM 2015 Online

By David Williams on 8/14/2015

Adding a report to a dashboard in Dynamics CRM online 2015 can be a little more difficult than it seems.  In this blog post, I'll show you how to work around a common error I see when people try to add a report.  

Dynamics CRM

Infinite Scrolling’s Impact on the User Experience

By Anthony Overkamp on 7/29/2015

If you're like me, and get most current events via your Twitter feed or have spent some time looking up hilarious memes on Google Images, then you’ve experienced infinite scrolling—a web design technique in which content continually loads as a user scrolls down the page. Infinite scrolling is most commonly utilized on social networking sites such as Twitter and Tumblr, and websites like, where the ability to quickly scan information is a major component of the user experience.

How do I migrate from Joomla CMS to DNN (formerly DotNetNuke) or DNN Evoq Content CMS?

By Jason Stone on 7/17/2015

A review of the latest report from BuiltWith®, the popular website profiler, reveals that the greatest migration of CMSs to the DNN platform is from Joomla to DNN, which may explain why you are reading this blog post. The answer to the question "How do I migrate from Joomla DNN" -- as is the case with most good questions -- is "It depends."


Engage Welcomes Three More to Our Growing Team

By Rich Campbell on 6/30/2015

Here we are at the mid-point of 2015, and what a whirlwind of a year it has been thus far. Over the past couple of months, we’ve added several new clients and even introduced Microsoft Dynamics CRM development to our repertoire. Of course, more clients and more services mean more work. And, more work means growing our staff. 


Dynamics CRM Expertise Found Here

By Henry Kenuam on 6/4/2015

Microsoft Dynamics CRM has evolved into a powerful, flexible solution for proactively managing relationships, engaging customers and enabling enterprise collaboration. Enter Engage’s new CRM Services Group.

What is the latest version of DNN Platform (DotNetNuke)?

By Jason Stone on 5/20/2015

What is the latest version of DNN Platform (DotNetNuke)? The most current version release is DNN 7.4 and it was released on February 4, 2015. Evoq 8, the licensed version of DNN, was also released the same day. The next major upgrade of the open source DNN Platform, 7.5, is expected in Spring 2015.

DNN 8.0
DNN Evoq
Evoq 8

Help Wanted at Engage

By Rich Campbell on 5/12/2015

Engage is looking for both a Front-end Web Developer and a Software Developer. For more information, please visit our careers page.

How to Use Google Analytics to Gain Insight on Your Need for a Responsive Site

By Rich Campbell on 3/26/2015

If you read our white paper, "Taking a Responsive Approach: Responsive Web Design in the DNN CMS," you probably already know that Google has sung the praises of responsive design, claiming it to be its "preferred site configuration."

But, did you know that you can use Google Analytics to gain insight on your need for a responsive site? Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to tell if you should spend more attention to better serving your small-screen audience through responsive design.

Sharepoint is dead for websites - That's not our opinion, that's from Microsoft

By Jason Stone on 3/19/2015
In an albeit quiet, but official announcement Microsoft has shared that "SharePoint Online Public Website" is no longer available. New customers who subscribe to Office 365 won't have access to it. Old customers have less than 2 years to migrate to another platfor